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About Tom


Et voilá, that's me, Tom - a Vienna-based director, editor & visual storyteller who was born in Stefan Zweig's hometown in Vienna in 1983.


I grew up near the „Wienerwald“ (Vienna Woods), where I fell in love with films, music, sounds, movements and the combination of all which triggers strong emotions.

I am working for the film and television industry since the early 2000s. I started my career as a film editor for independent films, television and theatre.

My fine sense for telling stories by editing films & promos set marks at the start of my career in the film business. Soon enough I discovered that by editing films I developed a profound understanding of storytelling.


In my early teenyears, I used VHS films & recorders as a tool to cut my first film trailers.

Later on those first attempts grew into trailers for television channels, festivals and several video montage installations for stage plays. 

This was when I got to know the world of drama in all of its great diversity.

Thus editing for theatre productions and films I developed a strong sense for stage & film acting, timing, movement and rhythm.

Since then I have been taking acting courses for theatre and camera. 

Consequently years later I started to act in commercials, short films, music videos and on stage.


I just love having gained a unique set of skills in directing, acting and editing. I feel it’s a necessity to create and bring stories to life and work with actors and their truthful moments.


Shaping ideas with stories and its visuality in an unconventional, direct way that defines my way of working.

For me the key is to focus on a strong universal emotional language.